Final Full Day at MSA

Today was a cold one for sure.  -10F as we drove into the parking lot, but the sun was shining, albeit low in the sky, and there was almost no breeze, so we bundled up with multiple buffs, balaclavas and layers of clothes and headed out for some pretty fabulous classic skiing this morning.  Temps rose to about 3 at lunch as we headed down the hill for a well deserved lunch and some warmth and of course a nap.  For the afternoon speeds session several of us opted to continue with classic given the beautiful tracks.  A great day at MSA!  Tomorrow morning will be our last ski before heading home. Promises to be better than coffee to wake us all up with forecast temps at -10F!

Prospect Hill time trial

Thanks to Andrea Brue and Erik Anderson for schlepping our sneakers and timing our race today at Prospect hill park, in Waltham. The course was up the hill (to "shoe corner"), out to the end and touch the gate twice for J2s and thrice for J1+, then up to the tippy top. Skiers braved a large patch of ice on a downhill, some slippery leaves before touching the gate at the turnaround, and a 20' section of gravel where the road had washed out just before the final climb. We all rediscovered what it feels like to push to race pace, and that feeling is HARD!  Great efforts and great attitudes by everyone today!

James - 18:10
Jacob J - 17:34
Hannah - 21:10
Gabby - 19:37
Sam - 19:45
Madeleine - 22:07
Chloe - 25:42
Lucy - 25:36
Coach Albert (3 out-and-backs) - Somewhere between 22:30 and 27:33... missing start time
Jordan(3 out-and-backs) - 24:35
Sonya(3 out-and-backs) - 26:32
Alex(3 out-and-backs) - 25:57

If your time is wrong, please email me the right time - the finish crew did great, but I was a little sloppy on the starting side of things, and may have your order wrong.  Nice work!

Thanks to Andrea Brue for the pictures below.

Photos from Prospect Mt

We had some excellent skiing at Prospect on Saturday. Coaches Frank and Alex took a van full of J2s and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves in fresh powder on an extra blue day.  The rime on the trees made everything look like a winter wonderland! Beautiful.

After a full day of skiing, you get four tired J2s... yes, there is someone under that Wellesley ski team jacket!

This shot is from Waterville Valley the week before last - found a nice chairlift to take a rest break at the top of Snows. Pretty darn good skiing for early season!